Our Member Resources

Member Resources are some of the benefits to being a member with the NCHHRA.  "Good Standing" members will have access to the resources below. 

Member Profiles

Our online member profiles can be found by clicking here.  The Online community can be used as a resource for active NCHHRA members. 

HR Job Openings

Click here to view HR Job Openings around the state.

Meeting Minutes

Click here to find out what is happening at all of our board meetings.


Click here to view a list of all events that our districts and association offer.  

Affirmative Faction Newsletter

Our Affirmative Faction is a quarterly newsletter we put out for members only.  Click here to view an archive to these newsletters.


The "Forum" is a member only message board.  If you are a members, click here to post questions/topics and get responses from other members.