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Our Association has a rich history of active involvement in healthcare human resources activities in a majority of healthcare facilities throughout the state.  Additionally, the Association has an excellent reputation for hosting high quality conferences for the membership and providing education resources, as well as networking opportunities.The Executive Committee governs the Association through the membership-approved Constitution and by-laws.  The Association's history, purpose, creed, mission and code of ethics can be found in the About Us Section. 

We invite you to claim a seat at the table with us. Through NCHHRA event sponsorship, you can position your organization to be on the front lines with our members in promoting all aspects of healthcare. You will have the opportunity to connect directly with our members from our member organizations and develop long-lasting business relationships with our hospitals.  Our event sponsors help promote and showcase the annual Tri - State Conference.  We also have opportunities for one day seasonal conferences.  Sponsor information can be found on our sponsorship page or clicking below... 

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Fourth of July Airplanes

June 14, 2019

The Affirmative Faction Summer Newsletter

A big thank you for those who attended this year’s conference...

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The best way to keep up with events and information for the NCHHRA is to connect online.  Below are a number of ways to receive the latest NCHHRA information.  You can also sign up to get our monthly email newsletter below.  For more information or any questions please contact us at the below.



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London Reflections

March 29, 2019

The Affirmative Faction Spring Newsletter


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